Last week Wednesday, I was a 6 year old.

I wanted to get to know my kid, like really get to know him, and the results were mind blowing. 

I decided to spend one evening watching my 6 year old son and to try to see the world through his eyes. 

As the evening passed by, I sat on the floor to play with him. I noticed what made him happy and watched him get frustrated. At dinner time, I watched him select the foods that he likes and saw the faces he made when he didn’t like a particular food.

I saw him become really sad when he had to take a bath and understood that his bedtime was rapidly approaching. I watched his face while he was lying in bed aware of the fact that he was tired, yet still wanting to sneak out of bed and play some more, and my heart melted.

I tried to live and make believe I was 6 years old again, I was really curious to understand, from up close, what it’s like to be 6.

I can definitely say that after spending an evening in his shoes, I understand him so much better and will relate to him in a whole different manner.

I will definitely be doing this with the rest of my children and it will yield the same results. 

Getting to know your child beyond your relationship with him will open your eyes to more aspects of your child’s personality and help you understand him, and his challenges, in a whole new way.

Our children are complex human beings, filled with talents, strengths, emotions and struggles.

By investing the time in becoming acquainted with our children we can see them in a whole new light and gain an entirely fresh appreciation for them.

Try it yourself, and let me know how it goes!

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