Struggling Kids Are…. Struggling. Be kind.

What is the key to dealing with a struggling child?

The answer lies in the title that we have assigned to them.


When a toddler is struggling to put his pants on, we gently teach him how to do it.

When a child is struggling to tie his shoelaces, we lovingly show him how it’s done.

When an elderly man is struggling to open a bottle of soda, we offer him help.

Do we get frustrated at them? 

Do we yell at them?

Or, do we recognize that they are having difficulty and thus, are we extra patient and understanding of them?

What is crucial for the parent of a struggling child to understand is that their child is not giving them a hard time. Rather, they are going through a hard time and need our help and understanding.

Is your child struggling with homework? Reading? Making friends? 

With this in mind, we can gain a deeper understanding of our child’s circumstances. 

It will help us relate to him and guide him through this challenging time kindly, and with patience and compassion.  Let me know if this helps.

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