Are We On the Same Page?

What could happen to a child when both parents aren’t on the same page?

I remember standing at a restaurant salad bar, with a server behind 

the counter creating my lunch.

The poor guy was new to the job and was being trained by two of his more experienced colleagues. 

I watched as one of them instructed him to add more lettuce to the bowl at the same moment that the second one told him that the salad was getting too big and he needed to scale back. 

I’ll never forget the look on his face. He looked at both of them and shrugged his shoulders, he was so confused. He stopped preparing the salad for a moment and put the bowl down. From this fleeting encounter, I learned a profound lesson in Chinuch. 

In many homes children know that if they want candy they need to ask mommy because she lets and tatty doesn’t. But, if they want to stay up late, they need to ask tatty because mommy is very strict about bedtime. 

The above examples may be somewhat trivial, but this is an idea that often plays out in more serious situations as well, such as if parents have a different set of values or morals. 

Growing up in such an environment could be very painful, often children need to choose a side between their mother or father, they feel very lost and lack a clear sense of direction.

Additionally, parents who are not harmonious in their decisions and perspectives and the lack of consistency and stability can really impact a child and his development. 

Two parents who are on the same page, (at least in front of their children) create a peaceful home environment in which children can excel and flourish.

Do you agree? I’d love to get some feedback.

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