Do you love the Torah? The Mets?

A few years ago I was interviewing a student for my school. He came to the meeting wearing a Mets baseball cap and a Mets t-shirt. I jokingly asked him why he was a Mets fan if they haven’t won the world series in so many years? He was on fire when he told me that his family has been Mets fans for generations. His father was a Mets fan, his grandfather was a Mets fan, and he was proudly keeping up the tradition even though he knew it wasn’t the best team.

It got me thinking, how were his parents able to convince him to become a Mets fan when all of his friends were Yankee fans? And then I realized that his parents didn’t do anything specific, they just lived and breathed the New York Mets. They went to every game they could, spoke about their players in glowing terms, bought their accessories, and proudly argued with everyone why the Mets were really a better team.

We all want to instill a love for Torah and Mitzvos in our children. Parents are always asking me, “How do I do that?”

There is nothing to do.

You just need to be.

Your children know what’s precious to you, they know what’s valuable to you. If you yourself have a love and an obsession for Torah, they will pick up on it.

Parents that are die-hard Trump fans will have die-hard Trump kids, Parents that are die-hard Bernie Sanders fans will have die-hard Bernie Sanders kids.

Become a die-hard Torah fan and you will raise die-hard Torah kids.

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