Everyone Loves Me!

For the first ten years of my life, I grew up with five sisters and no brothers. I got the most attention and love anyone could imagine. I was convinced that I was everyone’s favorite, because I was the only boy. I was my parents’ favorite child, and they loved me more than anyone else. I was my grandparents’ favorite grandchild, and they loved me more than anyone else. (I found out later that my parents love all their children 😮🙄🙁)

In fifth grade, I knew that I was the favorite student, because my teacher let me mark the attendance for the class (literally, that’s what made me feel special).

In sixth grade, I helped plan the midyear and end-of-year school trips, so I was convinced that I was the teacher’s favorite (a five minute conversation twice a year).

In seventh grade, I had the key to the teacher’s room to make my teacher his tea, so I was convinced that I was his favorite and that he liked me more than anyone else (even though I was doing him a favor).

In eighth grade, my teacher had a stamp and a coin collection, and I also had a coin collection, so I was convinced that I was his favorite student (even though I did not do so well scholastically that year).

I remember one year dressing up as an old man on Purim with a long white beard and a cane, I was probably around 6 years old but I remember it so vividly because it had such an impact on me, we went to visit my fathers friend and he made a whole big deal that he thought I was an old man, I was convinced that I fooled him, I felt so big and special. you never know what will make a kid feel special and this feeling lasted with me for almost 35 years. ir really is so easy to make a child feel special

It was literally such small things that made me feel so special.

As parents and educators, there are things that we can do to make a child feel that he or she is somebody important, somebody special, somebody that we really need and value.

Is there a child you know, that you can do something small to make him or her feel special?

What was it like for you growing up? Did you feel loved and accepted? Or did you feel like you were a burden and not needed?

I’d love to hear. Really.

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