I Have a Dream

Can I share my dream with you?

I’m dreaming about a different type of school, because I love being different.

Would you support my dream?

Imagine a school with only eleven students per class. What would that mean for the students?

What about a rule that teachers are not allowed to punish the students? (And they still behave).

How about a school where students don’t get punished for coming late? (And they still come on time).

Or here is something radical; students get promoted to the next level based on skills, not age.

What if we can teach students to cook their own breakfast and lunch and clean up after themselves?

Or a school where the students master 18-20 pages of gemara per year. And love it!

My dream would be for the school to focus on a love for learning.

Here is a good one – what if the school had a school trip every three weeks? Just to make it fun.

How cool would it be to have a full time Mashpia just to talk to the students?

What if the school didn’t use the word “discipline” and instead used the word “inspire”?

Would you support such a school?

If you answered yes…that’s my school!!!

Over the last 18 years we have been doing just that!

And… drum roll… we are buying a building!

Now is the time to be part of my dream.

Please go to www.HaMesivta.org and help me help more students grow. 

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