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If you know someone looking for a job please send them this offer.

Job description:

You will be spending eight periods of forty-five minutes each studying and learning about the world around you. Some of it is important and some of it is completely useless information.


Sunday-Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm.


You may or may not be qualified for the job, but you are expected to do it anyway. Oh, and you will be promoted every year, regardless if you are fully ready or not.

Working conditions:

You will be sharing a single room with twenty-five of your close friends.

You are not allowed to talk to your friends at all during work hours. Not. One. Word.

You are not allowed to turn your head to face any of your friends.

You are not allowed to motion to any of your friends.

You are not allowed to put your elbows on the table.

You are not allowed to stretch your hands out too far.

You are not allowed to move your desk out of the line.

You will be sitting in a hard wooden chair attached to a small table at all times.

If you come more than two minutes late, you will lose your twenty minute coffee break.

You may only use the restroom at allotted times.

You may not eat or drink during work hours.

If the room is too cold, you cannot get up to get your sweater.

If the room is too hot, tough luck.


Your spouse will receive a report at the end of every week detailing the level of commitment, interest, motivation, participation, and how well you interact with your friends. It will also include a detailed report on the quality of your work for all eight periods of every day, and a list of how many minutes you came late.

Oh, did I mention, you won’t be getting paid for this job. But you will learn self-discipline.

You get the point!

This is what our kids go through every day for MORE THAN 10 YEARS!!!

I don’t have the answer, but I know that many children are struggling in school. Our job is to be kind and understanding, and help them through it.

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